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The Artistry Chronicle!

At Awesome Sparklers, we’ve reshaped jewellery with unconventional designs fusing heritage and contemporary styles through passionate craftsmanship. We strive to create bespoke designs for a diverse clientele across cultures and communities.
Awesome Sparklers has woven stories through breathtaking jewellery experiences for over a decade, securing its spot among India’s top 10 brands. Founded by the visionary Priti B Bhatia, our dedicated team of artisans endeavors to redefine the jewellery landscape in India by crafting personalized designs that transcend cultural boundaries. Inspired by Gujarat’s heritage, Priti ensures Awesome Sparklers contribute to and safeguards the well-being of craftsmen, the backbone of our iconic industry.
At the core of our philosophy lies continuous learning, driving every member, including our 50+ craftsmen and the founder herself, to participate in global workshops and training sessions. This commitment fosters a remarkable 90% employee retention rate, ensuring that talent not only stays but evolves into a valuable company asset.
Awesome Sparklers invest precious time and resources to understand their customers better and fashion unique pieces that complement personalities.

“We celebrate individuality across cultures and communities. It’s not just about jewellery, but an expression, quietly brilliant.”

Design Maestro: Priti B Bhatia

Tell me your story, I will design - Priti B Bhatia

With an innate passion and entrepreneurial drive, Priti B Bhatia’s affair with jewellery started at a young age. She possessed the unique ability to spot alluring designs and has ever since been extremely zealous towards contributing to this industry. Armed with a formal degree in jewellery, she transformed her entrepreneurial aspirations into reality with the inception of her brand – Awesome Sparklers. Having worked with the finest artisans from across the world, Priti has excelled in offering innovative jewellery solutions, blending cutting-edge technology with a nurturing work environment for impeccable quality. Priti’s belief in delivering not just a piece of jewellery but the emotion that one is living a dream.

Our Creations

Crafting unique pieces that perfectly align with customers’ distinct personalities

The Brilliance Saga: Over the Years

  • Priti B Bhatia was the second topper of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad in the year 2005.
  • Awarded ‘Best Student of the Year’ by Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla.
  • Among one of the top 5 women’s jewellery manufacturers in Gujarat.
  • Multiple accolades for designs from GJC, GJEPC, GJTCI, Times Group, IJ Awards, etc.
  • Recognized by the Governor of Gujarat for Service in the Jewellery Industry for Small Scale Sector.
  • Received ‘Best Women Entrepreneur and Successful Achiever Award’ from GJTCI.
  • The brand has been acknowledged as the ‘Best Small Sector in Jewellery Industry’.
  • The brand has been awarded the ‘Best Design’ and ‘Best Manufacturing Company’ by the Karnataka Government.
  • The brand has been recognized as ‘Socially Active’ in the jewellery industry.
    and many more..

The Brand Story

Fusing Tradition with Modern Flair, Crafted with Passionate Expertise.

A work of art begins with a breath-taking vision. It is taken through a technically superior manufacturing process. It is a result of passionate and diligent craftsmanship. Awesome Sparklers is devoted to creating each piece of jewellery as a work of art. Our designs are a fine blend of Indian heritage and present-day traditional designs. Our entirely in-house manufacturing process is the hallmark of our venture.

We believe that perfection is a journey, not a destination. Every stakeholder within the company including over 50 craftsmen and the founder herself enrolls regularly for numerous training, workshops, and exhibitions held at various destinations across the world. We have learned under technicians and craftsmen who are world-renowned experts in the field. We trained under the famed brand— Tiffany’s, a global design house defining the highest standards in jewellery making. This continuous pursuit of excellence and beauty is what makes us stand apart from the competition.

At Awesome Sparklers, we uphold a philosophy dedicated to empowering women across diverse journeys. We firmly believe that jewellery transcends mere adornment, serving as a powerful statement that articulates personality, aspirations, and a love for artistic expression. Our commitment lies in delving into our customers’ desires, meticulously crafting unique pieces that not only complement individuality but also celebrate creativity.
Currently positioned among India’s top 10 jewellery brands, we take pride in being one of the most awarded. While success brings a sense of accomplishment, it also propels us to continually innovate, ensuring we fulfill our pledge to deliver aesthetic, exquisite, and truly awesome pieces to our cherished customers.

Why Awesome Sparklers

Crafting perfection, In-house, world-class manufacturing:

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Surat, India’s diamond hub known for the best standards in jewellery craftsmanship. We engage with the customer from inception to the final product ensuring a personalized journey. A team of over 50 talented craftsmen, technicians, and designers handpicked by the founder and employing cutting-edge technology to deliver perfection. The manufacturing process is backed by 3D CAD/CAM design software acumen to convert ideas into 3D models followed by 3D printing; casting, polishing, soldering, and setting design accuracy, guaranteeing flawless finished products as originally conceived. Today, the brand is ranked among the top 10 manufacturing companies in India.

We initiate a seamless engagement with customers from inception to the presentation of the final masterpiece, ensuring a personalized journey. Every facet of our meticulous process transpires under our roof.

Original, Bold, and Futuristic Product Range:

Awesome Sparklers’ manufacturing portfolio spans a variety of metals like gold, rose gold, and silver. Tailoring our designs to a broad spectrum of customers,  we specialize in crafting bespoke pieces that foster profound connections with each individual. For us, a piece of jewellery is more than an accessory; it’s an extension of one’s personality, encapsulating spirit and aspirations. Whether bold, subtle, or experimental, all our designs exude modern attributes, driven by an unwavering pursuit of originality.

Artful Investments

Crafted with elegant precision, our premium jewels consistently exceed expectations, bringing pure delight to our customers. Each piece from Awesome Sparklers not only enhances the quality of life but also promises an unparalleled experience to be cherished in the present and passed down as an heirloom. Hence it stands true to the Indian traditional values of pieces of jewellery weaving the thread of generations. A piece of art indeed is a joy forever; one doesn’t merely buy it, one invests in it to reap long cherished memories for all times to come.

Remarkable Customer Retention:

We don’t just sell products; we initiate enduring relationships, catering to our customer’s evolving needs at different life milestones. The trust we cultivate through our service ensures that our customers return to us time and again. They are confident that each visit will bring delightful surprises, leaving them with a lasting piece of happiness to carry back with them.

I've got your back, always. - Priti B Bhatia

Trustworthy Values: Integrity, Transparency, Ethics

Dedication to working with the best facilities has always been fundamental to Awesome Sparklers. This upholds the brand’s commitment to the safety and welfare of its craftsmen. We strive to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for our craftsmen. We source quality materials responsibly, to protect our customers’ trust. The brand has remained in the customer consciousness due to its commitment to honesty and its ability to stand true to the promises made. The authenticity of the quality of jewellery manufactured by Awesome Sparklers alone bears testimony to their code of ethics. With energy-efficient equipment, we try our best to reduce our energy consumption, minimize our carbon footprint, and strive to leave behind a legacy of uncompromising craftsmanship.

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